Goal: $1,000 = 100 students receive a book for their personal library

Nearing the global day of giving, on November 27, SCV Education Foundation is raising $1,000 to help junior high students build their personal libraries and support their literacy skills.

The foundation chose to support socioeconomically disadvantaged junior high students because:

  • Children’s initial reading competency is correlated with the home literacy environment, the number of books owned, and parent distress.
  • Children from low-socioeconomic families are less likely to have experiences that encourage the development of fundamental skills of reading achievement.
  • Low-socioeconomic households have less access to learning materials and experience to create a positive literacy environment.
  • Children from low-socioeconomic status families enter high school with average literacy skills five years behind those of higher-income students.

The Foundation is looking to pilot the "Page Turners" program, which will assist junior high students to build their personal library at home. The program will be started at a Title 1 school where approximately 31% of junior high students are falling behind the targeted reading level. By providing a book for students to start their own library, we hope to encourage a literacy environment at home, motivate students to read and therefore improve their literacy skills.

$10 = one book in 1 student's personal library

Thank you for being a part of this movement. By joining forces to give generously, we can make huge strides in literacy.

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